*NEW* “EKO Hilal House Type Heating”

Hilal Central Heating Boiler

Our new product can work with both coal and wood but according to other boilers, “wood chamber is quite large” product. “Hilal Boiler” can be used both automatically and manually. The product is a 3-pass system. You can easily clean it with a cleaning screw in the smoke pipes. The digital panel works at the desired temperature. 2 years warranty.

Kalorifer Kapasiteleri

25.000 Kcal/s – 40.000 Kcal/s – 60.000 Kcal/s

Kullanım Alanarı

Müstakil ev, apartman dairesi, villa ve benzeri düşük metrajlı taşınmazlar

Yakıt Türleri

Kömür, Odun ile tam otomatik veya manuel çalışır