Ekotek Boiler Ltd. will participate to ISK-SODEX 2021 will be held on 29 September-2 October 2021 in Istanbul TÜYAP Fair Convention and Congress Center.

We welcome you to Hall 6 stand C13.

ISK-SODEX, the first and the most important exhibition of the heating systems sector is a not to miss event for the sector professionals in HVAC sector.

Import & Export Opportunities for Boiler Sector from Turkey

As offering variety of opportunities like exchanging information with the sector expert visitors and exhibitors, ISK-SODEX also provides great network opportunities to its exhibitors and visitors in HVAC&R sector with the cooperations of important sectoral associations and supportive programmes. It is also confirmed by the visitors and exhibitors of ISK-SODEX that it provides great networking opportunities for the sector professionals.

ISK-SODEX 2019 had contributed a lot to the trade of Turkey with its success in 2019 edition.

  • 1021 exhibitors (including co exhibitors) from 36 countries
  • 44.804 sqm net stand area in 14 halls
  • 85.371 visitors from 106 countries
  • 93% visitors satisfaction 84% decision maker visitors

ISK-SODEX provided a full perspective to Heating, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Insulation, Pump, Valve, Installation, Water Treatment, Fire Prevention and Solar Energy Systems by fully covering this topics.

How to go ISK-SODEX Expo Center Instanbul?

How to Reduce Heating Costs?

What measures should be taken to reduce heating costs? Generally, many buildings had to increase their energy consumption for heating, as they did not yet pass through the thermal insulation system.

How Much Heat Insulation Can Save?

In order to keep the indoor temperature inside, the building must be well insulated. 7% of the roofs, 40% of the outer walls, 6% of the floor and 17% of the doors have heat losses. It is possible to save up to 50% energy by insulating the building.

How to take measures to save heat?


In order to be able to use energy efficiently, take a look at the measures to be taken at a low cost or free of charge;

• Place an aluminum foil covered insulation board between the wall and the panel radiator. You can prepare these panels at home by covering the top of the styrofoam plate with aluminum foil.
• Thermostatic radiator valves, which adjust the radiator temperature, save energy by 15-20% per year.
• Do not cover the front of the radiators with long curtains. Do not place furniture. Do not prevent hot air movement.
• In winter, keep the curtains closed that are facing the north.
• Insulate your water heater and hot water pipes to prevent heat losses.
• Solid-fuel heating systems with automatic loading consume 30-40% less fuel than manual heating systems.
• If your heater is located in an unheated space, avoid heat losses by insulating the pipe and tank.
• Lower the temperature with thermostatic valves instead of opening the windows when the temperature is too high in the houses heated by the central system.
• You can reduce the energy consumption by 6% by reducing the ambient temperature by 1 degree. Do not increase the ambient temperature excessively in winter. The living rooms are between 19 and 21 oC and the bedrooms are suitable for heating between 16-18 oC.
• Keep the entrance doors closed. Double door or automatic closing helps to maintain heat.
• Turn off your heater on sunny winter days and turn on your curtains. The sun will warm your house for free.
• Avoid leaks by checking door and window gaps. Use window insulation tapes for this.
• Use insulated glass. They are more expensive than standard glass but save on comfort and energy. If 12 mm double glazing is used, the heat lost from the windows is reduced by 50%. Using low-e lenses will further reduce heat losses.
• Insulate your building.
• Get help from an energy manager.
• Make sure there is an energy efficient home when buying a home. At the beginning you pay more money. But you will save both money and energy for a life time.