Pelet Kazanı avantajları

What are the Advantages of Pellet Boiler?

The number of automatic pellet boilers across Europe has exceeded 1,000,000 and this number is increasing rapidly.

The pellet fuel boiler provides a modern warming that uses a highly efficient, renewable energy source.

So what are the advantages of pellet boiler? Why is pellet fuel preferred and is it really more advantageous than other fossil fuels?

Pellet Boiler Advantages

  1. The comfort offered by the automatic and fuel tank pellet boilers is exactly the same as the boiler and other solid-liquid fuel boilers.
  2. Pellet boiler is more economical than other fuels.
  3. With pellet boilers, all rooms of your house are warmed up and you can also benefit from the “free” hot water advantage.
  4. For free hot water, you should use a floor boiler or heat exchanger. As long as the pellet boiler works, free hot water will also flow through your taps.
  5. The pellet boiler has the same system as the solid fuel boiler. However, the use of pellet fuel instead of coal provides an economic and environmental solution.
  6. European countries have become the starting point of modern warming trends and the increase in the use of automatic pellet boiler in Europe indicates the future warming technology.
  7. You can produce your own fuel by taking a pellet machine! Pellet prices become more appropriate with your own production.
  8. When the pellet fuel is supplied cheaply, it can save up to 50% compared to other fuels.
  9. Pellet fuels burn more efficiently than other wood fuels, the pellet burns faster and gives more energy than wood fires.
  10. Pellet fuels are carbon neutral, meaning they do not release harmful carbon gas.
  11. When the pellet of wood is biomass burned, there are various minerals in the ash content, and so the pellet fuel ashes can be discharged into lawns, gardens or forested areas.
  12. Ashes from the pellet boiler and cleaning material can also be made. In ancient times, our ancestors used soap and similar cleaning materials as natural cleaning products. These types of products are still marketed as more natural products today.
  13. The pellet boiler, which is a type of heating boiler, has the same capabilities as other automatic heaters, but it will be preferred more in the following years due to its more environmentally friendly and economic structures.
  14. While none of the other fossil, liquid, gas and even electricity and heating methods can be used to re-enter the natural cycle, wood pellet ash is the mineral reservoirs that you can leave to nature with peace of mind. So you can benefit from the ash as a natural fertilizer. In addition, the production of ash cleaning material is another example of recycling.
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